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by | Mar 13, 2020 | Website Development

Developing a new website can seem like trying to climb a cliff. It used to one of the hardest things as a digital marketer to find good web developers: one who will do the job well and two meet your requirements.

For years I worked with multiple developers who were slow, inexperienced, and could never really get my vision for the websites I wanted to create.

Luckily now there are many tools out there to create great sites without massive technical knowledge.

5. Wix

If you don’t have a design vision and you simply want to get together a website quickly WIX could be for you. You don’t even have to pay to initially to create the website. There’s plenty of pre-made templates, animations, shopping plugins and more.

The drawbacks though are it can be expensive depending on the features you need. The header can be an issue as you can’t switch between fixed and the standard settings. Also, versatility can be a bit of a problem with WordPress you have a range of plugins to help, WIX does have some but not as comprehensive.

4. Squarespace

The premium better-looking sister to WIX. Good looking sites although you’d probably have to be quite minimalistic and image-focused. You will have to pay over $20 a month for this builder and more if you need more features.

3. Strikingly

I used to love strikingly mostly due to the price (cheap for multiple websites). It also enables you to create websites (and I mean very quickly) that look good and interact well. However, this is a really basic website builder if you need to do any kind of advanced customisation, you’ll be short-changed.

4. Get A Developer (not a tool but hey)

Still the most versatile option (and the most experensive). Nothing quite beats getting a person to create a custom based site. Like I said though it depends on experience. Getting someone who has good frontend knowledge can be rare and often they’ll build the site using a framework or a theme.

Make sure you know what you’re paying for when going this route.

1. WordPress And DIVI

I may be bias in this but I truly believe the quickest, future proof, customisable way to build a website is to use WordPress and use the DIVI theme.

After building multiple websites on DIVI I’ve been impressed by the features, customisability, options, support and more. If you need to any custom HTML, and CSS DIVI makes it easy to make a good looking website.

Even if you don’t know HTML and CSS you can build great websites quickly that will meet your vision.

You’re free to move hosts whenever you want. You can even change to a different theme in the future. Using an open source platform is a lot more powerful than getting locked into a basic builder.

DIVI does require a basic knowledge of how websites work, how blocks(divs) stack on each other, padding, sizing, and margins. Most of these things you can learn quite quickly. Especially by elegant themes who put up a lot of content about how the builder works.

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