Marketing Your Reopening

by | May 15, 2020 | Marketing Covid-19

You’ve survived the peak of Covid-19, and you’re getting ready to reopen. But how do you market that?

Many businesses in the aftermath will be competing for the attention of consumers. Your message and offer need to cut through to consumers to make them choose you amongst the horde of businesses.


Your offer needs to stand apart from the pack (product differentiation) and clearly demonstrates why you’re product or service is better than your alternatives.

One of the mains elements of this is the price. However, there are many other values you can use, such as customer service, product value, location, reputation etc. I tend to think the more creative the offer, the better it will be received from consumers. 

It also has to be something that can be concisely and clearly communicated. You can have a great offer, however, if the messaging of it is wrong, it’s not going to be successful. 


It’s essential to think about your audience before making your offer. Just because you had a loyal customer base before doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily have that again. One example would be older Australians. If you have an older clientele base, they may be more cautious about using your service or product. You may have to customize the offer to meet their needs. 

Another example would be younger Australians. They’re likely aren’t as scared of COVID-19 however they’re some of the most financially hit. Think about doing a bundle, a sale, or a refer a friend. 


You’ve got a great offer, and you’ve picked an audience that will be receptive to it. However, there’s something lingering in everyone’s minds. It’s safety. We want to know the services and product that we are receiving are not contaminated. Once you have the procedures in place, this boils on down to it again – messaging. 

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Put a post out on social media with an engaging graphic that can grab your audience.
  2. Put this information on the home page of your website, and on any landing pages.
  3. Create well designed COVID-19 safety posters that are big and prominent. 
  4. Remind customers who are not following guidelines. 
  5. Let customers know over the phone. 


If you have a great offer, you have a matching audience for it, and you’ve taken safety into account your on your way to standing above the rest. On a final note, think about advertising. If you’ve relied upon foot traffic before for business, that will be much likely lower now.


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