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  • Let's break it down

    How popular is social media?

    • 6 in 10 Australians use Facebook
    • 1 in 2 Australians use YouTube
    • 1 in 5 Australians use Instagram
    • 1 in 6 Australians use Snapchat


    of small businesses have social media, yet only 20% use paid traffic.


    of small businesses have a social media strategy.


    use social media for customer care. The highest over any other category phone, email, live-chat, or in store.


    of consumers will look at a brand's social-media presence before making a decision.

  • My thoughts on social media

    It is possibly the best advertising platform ever to exist.

    More and more are the public using social media. Everyone knows old media is dead, and digital is the new. But even the digital space is progressing further. Beginning with simple text search engine we’re now experiencing virtual reality on social. For years SEM marketing ruled as digital marketers scrambled for the top position on Google.


    They oversaturated the market so much that no small businesses could compete. But social has given back the power to small business. Social has brought the opportunity to build strong long-lasting relationships with customers, engage with them in new creative ways, it gives them a chance to tell the real story behind their brand.


    Strong brands are the ones with personalities. They have a story to tell. They care about their customers and create strong value propositions to show it. Businesses within our community demonstrate this but struggle with taking their brands online. I love when I work with a business, and they are passionate about their work. They live for it. They’re proud of it, and I have the opportunity to show what they love doing.


    Ishta Saraswati,


  • About me

    Let me tell you about me!

    Ishta Saraswati


    Marketer, and video maker. I have been working in video for five years, and in the digital marketing for two. I'm passionate about exploring brands, and telling their stories. I have a cert II in Media, III in Film & TV. I also graduated my BFA in 2015 majoring in photography.

  • How does one become Isocial?

    We look after our own. Clients get the most of out of their social media management and marketing. We’ll contact you ASAP, and arrange a meeting to get your details and discuss an appropriate strategy for your business. We offer video content at affordable prices starting at $300 for clients. Monthly reports and check-ups happen at the end of every month to check your business is going well and your worry-free.

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