SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It’s a city out there.

Being able to rank on Search Engines is one of the biggest goals for businesses and marketers.

Organic traffic is FREE. If your business ranks on Google online on the front page, expect to get traffic.

To show Google your a top contender you’re going have to create great content, optimise for keywords, get more backlinks and establish yourself a leader in your industry.

SEO primarily is a long term strategy and can take up 5-6 months to get results.


My Process



  • What’s working
  • What’s not.
  • Current Goals.
  • Anaylytics Anaylsis.
  • Current keywords ranking.
  • Current Budget.


  • What budget is needed.
  • Strategy to use: optimisation, content marketing, backlink building.
  • SEO keywords to target
  • KPI’s, goals, and ROI set.


  • Initate Strategy
  • Conversion Setup.


  • What’s working, what’s not.
  • Look at anaylytics.
  • Fix and approve changes.